Tuesday, May 02, 2006

What do chickens do after Easter is over?

My Dad is a funny guy.
He thinks of things normal people just don’t think about.
Here’s an example.
On Easter we’re talking about coloring Easter Eggs.
My Mom says something like she likes to make egg salad sandwiches out of the left over Easter Eggs. She says she’s not sure why she never thinks to make them except at Easter time when she has all those Easter eggs to use up. Same thing with Deviled Eggs.
So we go on to discuss how the egg farmers must love Easter time because they sell so many more eggs than they do the rest of the year, and how do you think Easter Eggs ever came about as an Easter tradition and so on.
So Dad says, what do you think happens to all those eggs the rest of the year?
At my quizzical expression he says, Well obviously egg producers sell a whole lot more eggs during the weeks leading up to Easter…those Chickens didn’t just start working overtime.
How do they increase production just for Easter? How do they make them stop when its over?


See what I mean?
He thinks of weird stuff all the time.
Has me thinking about it for weeks.
Sometimes I’ll come up with the answer and call him a week or so later and say something like…

They freeze dry the eggs the rest of the year and use them in Bisquik!
To which he says



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Linda said...

Ha ha, cute story Susan!! Very entertaining thoughts here. I think that you are right too about the freeze drying thing, you smartie you!! Great blog btw!! Linda

maria said...

Your dad sounds like fun!

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