Monday, May 29, 2006


Today we took a drive to visit my daughter who lives about 3 hours away in Vancouver.
Its been a month or so since I saw her last and Im always excited when I get the chance to see her again.
This time was especially fun.
She recently got a new english bulldog puppy and she named her Wooggie. She's the cutest little thing I've ever seen!!!
Everywhere we took her people stopped us.
Isn't she adorable?
Jen works as a Vet tech so she takes Wooggie to work with her every day. She just hangs out in the office. She's a real sweetie.
And it was so fun to see Jenny... I miss her so much between our visits. I hope that one day she'll live close enough that I'll be able to see her when ever I want.
She moved away from home when she started working and now she has kind of put down her own roots in Vancouver. Once you do that its kind of hard to pull up and move, but I keep hoping that someday that might happen. I feel like we never had that time as Mother and Daughter being adults, and I miss that. I really enjoy spending time ~ hanging out with her, getting to know her, even just hearing about everyday life stuff ... When we go down for these quick one day trips, all I get is a few short hours...then I miss her until the next trip.I would love to be able to go shopping or have our nails done, or just have lunch and talk. Its a dream that someday I hope will come true. Smooches Jen :)


Suzelle said...

So neat your and our daughter have such a great relationship Susan !!!!

Woogie....TOO CUTE !!! Perfect name :)

Reen said...

That's one cute lil' poochie dog :)

Glad you had a great time!

Mo said...

That doggie is too CUTE! LOVE his name too. :) Mo

EC said...

omgosh that dog is cute!!! how fun being able to take your dog to work - i'd love that!

your daughter is beautiful!!!

maria said...

Great that you keep in touch with each other like that! She is gorgeous and her pup is just too cute! I'll have to show DD this post (she loves bulldogs and wants one so bad but we have three dogs already, two dauschunds and a a pomeranian, so another is just out of the question for her)

JENNY B said...

susan--- dang-- you were down here and I missed you!!! I love love your DD's dog--- and I'm not even a dog person. where did she find him??????? he's sooooooo dang cute-- I would *let* my kids get one just like him =)