Thursday, June 15, 2006

another draining week

What a week.
Mentally and emotionally draining.
Another catastrophe diverted yesterday.

One of my kids got her self into another financial predicament, which we had to bail her out of…again.
Every time we do this Paul and I swear this time will be the last time. We say that its time they start learning their lessons for not being responsible with their money.
The bank of Mom and Dad is closed for business.
But this time, the repercussions of allowing her to take her lumps and learn her lesson was too much. So, we did what parents do. You deposit the money into their account and tell them that this is the last time…until the next time.
I love my kids to death, but they wear me out...
Im such a soft touch I truely don't mind helping them out. I remember what it was like to be young, foolish and broke. Paul on the other hand, is the opposite side of the coin.
Which puts me right smack in the middle of them and it just wears me out. whew... its been a week!

Other stuff.
Elliott is still having difficulty breathing still and he’s itching his eyes constantly. The vet says the itchy eyes thing could be a food allergy thing. Sooooo, we’ll try something else for a while and see if that helps. Poor little guy. I hope it works.

What else?
Got my Dad one of these for Fathers Day.

He drinks one cup of coffee in the morning and one after dinner. These coffee makers are so cool and the coffee is really good! and its ready at the push of a button, no waiting.
We used one at a scrap retreat I went on. Makes one or two cups at a time. They make the coffee ‘pods’ in all different flavors, caffeinated and decaffeinated.
We always hate having coffee at Mom and Dads house because he only drinks decaffeinated (yuck) and we all drink caffeinated. With this puppy everyone can make their own cupful.
And it was on sale at Target...and I went online and they have a mail in thing. You get back a $50. Visa Card which is more than it even cost!!!Lovin’ that!
So if you want one of these things, run to Target and go online to get the $50. rebate form


Suzelle said...

Cool beans about the coffee maker Susan !!!

Sorry about Elliott....poor, sweet guy :)

The $$ thing......YIKES !!

Kristi Mangan said...

That seems like a really cool coffee maker!!! I am sure your dad will love it!

Mo said...

LOVE that coffee maker, Susan!!!! Oh, and would you care to adopt me???? I could use a trip to the Wyno bank. LOL!!!!! ;) Mo