Friday, June 30, 2006

Friday moments

Its Friday and I’m so happy.
I’m really looking forward to this weekend. Lots of projects and stuff to do on the list.
Haircuts and some fresh color for my hair on Saturday - I always love that
Paul’s going to power wash the deck and re-stain it
I’m getting my new shelf for my scrap room from Ikea - yippee
I think we’re going to try and see the new Pirates of the Caribbean movie – cant wait!
Hoping to make at least one trip to the dump. I love going to the dump, love getting rid of the junk that seems to pile up in the shed and garage.

Not sure what else, but I’ll be happy if we get this list done.

So in yesterdays post I said that I was going to be on the lookout for the days ‘moments’.
I found there were several since I was on the lookout for them.
  • We had a goodbye lunch for a coworker yesterday. Lots of good laughs and good food.
  • Cake. Costco white cake with cheesecake filling and cream cheese frosting and a cup of coffee. Yummy.
  • I had so much food left over from my lunch; Paul had it for dinner so I didn’t have to cook.
  • The girls over at create my keepsake posted a challenge to post your first scrapbook layout. I posted a couple. Heres one of mine.
Dont you love the ants marching around the edge of the page? I drew that dotted line and put all those ant stickers on there...I thought it was adorable. And I especially loved the stickers of the dog dish, leash and dog food down at the bottom.
It was so fun to look through my old scrapbook at all the hokey pages I did when I just started scrapping. Even though they are goofy, I love looking at them. Paul and I spent some time looking through the album at pictures of our son Justin I’d forgotten I had, pictures of family camping trips that brought back lots of bittersweet memories, pictures of a vacation we took to Mexico in 1998, pictures of my nephew at 2 years old. So many great memories. My one regret is that I cut up so many pictures into weird shapes.

So be on the lookout today for your moments and have a great weekend!


maria said...

Loved your "moments"'ve inspired me to make a layout with my momentst too! Thanks for the inspiration!
It's always fun to look back at our old layouts! I loved yours...I remember the shaped photos too! I cut so many of them! Ouch. It's a good thing I saved all the negatives...specially all of DD's baby pictures :)

Reen said...

The ants go marching one by one hoorah, hoorah! Such a sweet "first LO". I love those kind of old scrapbook pages!!

Thanks for making me remember that there are some good moments in everyday. Like bringing cookies to my MIL today and having her get all surprised about it :)