Wednesday, June 28, 2006

If you won the all-time jackpot lottery today...

There was a Blog challenge posted over at 2P's…
Its a good thing because my blog has been seriously lacking in updates lately.

So, the challenge is - If you won the all-time jackpot lottery today, share how it would change your lifestyle and list ten material things that you would buy. Im thinking this must be a multi million dollar lottery to be considered the "all-time" jackpot so here goes

Well the obvious answer is that I’d quit my job. And Paul would need to quit his job too.
Then it would be time to do some traveling (see #9) before deciding on a place to buy our new house. I’d need to hire a gardening service and a housekeeper too.

Ten things I would buy
1) Our dream house - Kailua beachfront.
2) a second home for us - gotta have a place to stay when we come back to visit family. Its got to be nice enought to make me want to stay there at least half the time, cause I know I'd miss my family.
3) A new truck for Paul, any kind he wants
4) modest but new houses for each of our kids and one for my parents
5) new furniture
6) a new camera - the best one I can find
7) an extreme makeover at a fabulous spa – complete with a face lift
8) a wide format printer and scanner
9) A few trips – Italy, Spain, Tahiti, Hawaii, San Diego, Martha’s Vineyard, Florida
10) A slurpy machine of my very own – with at least 3 flavors because I like to mix them

What about you? What would you do?


maria said...

Good challenge. This is my list....
1. Buy my mom a bigger house
2. Do the same for my two sisters
3. Fly my friend Nicole and her entire family to the US for a long visit.
4. Fly to Canada for a long vacation too!
5 Throw a huge party, invite all my dear friends and surprise all of them with a gift of a ridiculous amount of money so they can each do whatever they want with it (pay off student loans, pay off their homes, whatever).
6. Donate money to various organizations here in the US and Mexico, including my local church (help them finish the new location they are currently building) and obviously my daughter's school.
7. Fly to Greece.
8. Get my daughter's school fund upgraded
9. Share the rest of it with all our family members
10. Take a trip around the world! Nice to dream, isn't it?

Kristi Mangan said...

oooh... those are good! I love the Hawaii beachouse, I would definitely travel a LOT too, and of course the best camera I could find! Great list!!!