Friday, June 16, 2006

Im in love with Christopher Blue

I've wondered about these jeans for awhile now and today I finally tried them, loved them, got me some! I am in love with Christopher Blue - Lloyd jean.
I have such a hard time finding a jean that I like, that fits me, that doesn't make me look like I'm pretending to be 17 years old or 60 years old.
Christopher Blue makes a jean with great style but made to fit someone with hips and thighs...and I've got them. The waist sits where it should, not to low or too high. No plumbers butt when you bend over, no gap in the back. They fit like a glove.
To tell the truth I was a little leary to spend that much money on jeans, till I tried them on.
Its true what they say when they say they're worth it.
Im sure I'll not be buying many pairs of these jeans, but I also doubt I'll ever buy any other brand. Christopher Blue ..... finally jeans that fit.


maria said...

mmm, I might just have to give this brand a try. I have heard of them before, but haven't purchase them yet. Thanks for your comment.

CMK said...

Never heard of them! they sound awesome though.