Monday, June 05, 2006

Its all about lists...

I've never been a list maker until recently and I admit that things get done when its on a list.
If its not on a list somewhere chances are pretty good its probably not going to get done.
Now it seems like I cant do anything without making a list.

I've got lists of to do projects around the house. lists of stuff to buy for the to do projects, paint chips, pictures torn out of magazines.
These lists are on the desk so that Paul and I both see them every day.

I've got a menu for the week, I've got grocery lists to go with the menu.
These lists are on the refrigerator.

I've got scrapbooking magazine call lists, scrapbooking supply lists, scrapbooking pictures needed lists...
These lists are in my scraproom, in my purse, in my email...I need a master list.

Now I've got the vacation list going. Im sure there will be several different spin offs from the vacation list.
I think I need a list to manage my lists. Maybe a little notebook?
Im getting confused.
How do you manage all these lists?


maria said...

I know exactly what you mean....I drive myself nuts with lists too! I try to keep them all in one place and that seems to help. My cell phone links to my computer so I can literally see everything I'm doing both at work and at home in one same place.

Anonymous said...

I have a couple of little notebooks that house all my lists!!