Wednesday, June 07, 2006

Its not about winning...

At the beginning of 2006 I set myself three goals.
They were to simplify my life, be healthy, and enter the Memory Maker Masters Contest.
I’ve done pretty well at working steadily at each of these goals.
I think I’ve made 2 trips to the goodwill to clear out the clutter. More trips are planned.
I’m getting back on track with my diet after taking a few months off last year.
And I’m working on my MMM entry. The deadline is in July and I have a few more layouts to do, plus I still need to do the required Celebrate Life layout. I finally came up with an idea for this last weekend.
But last week I decided to just step away from my contest entry for a while and scrap for fun. When I stepped away from my entry is when the idea hit me for my Celebrate Life layout.
I love the pressure of a contest, but it was so nice to just create for fun for a little while. I find when I try too hard I’m never pleased with the results. I’m most happy when the layout just flows out instead of being forced out.
These are a few of the layouts I did just for fun.

So now I’m recharged and ready to get back to my entry.
At this point its not about winning the contest, its about completing what I challenged myself to do. If I don’t win, I’ll be fine. But if I don’t enter, I’ll be disappointed that I set myself up with three simple goals, and gave up when it got hard.


Reen said...

Good luck with your entry. I love the LO's you did for fun! Some of my faves of yours ;)

maria said...

Awesome pages! I'll be sending prayers and good thoughts your way!!! So good for you to stick to the plan. And you are so right, the fun is in the process, not in winning. But of course I'be praying you do so I can brag that I have a blog friend who is a Memory Makers Master! LOL.

kelly edgerton said...

Love the pages! And I agree, stepping away is often the best way to find inspiration. Unfortunately, I sometimes forget to step away and then I struggle with the inspiration. Your three goals are wonderful. I wish you luck in the contest. You are already a winner for having attacked this goal with a postivie attitude and gusto!

Terri said...

Your pages are wonderful! I think you have the right attitude - you have to enjoy the process. Winning is icing. Of course, who doesn't love icing - lots of luck!!