Tuesday, June 20, 2006

On to the next project...

Just getting ready to box up my scraproom and paint it.
Im so excited to get this project underway and over with.
Actually, Im kind of dreading it because its going to be such a pain to pack everything and get it out of there so I have some room to paint.
I bought a bunch of rubbermaid totes to pack everything in. Im half way packed up but I just couldn't bare to pack everything until I was ready to actually lay down the painters tarps.
I was working on a project that I finished last night so now is the time. Now I want to hurry and finish it so I can unpack my scrap supplies again.

Have you seen this? scroll down to the scenic route challenge.
Sounds like fun.
I wish I had some time because I loveeee this paper line.
Maybe I'll work on it if I get my room painted quickly. Last day to post is the 29th so I doubt I'll make it.

Here's something else thats cool.

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Mo said...

Good Luck getting your room done, Susan. Who knows? maybe you'll get done early enough to do a layout or two for the challenge. LOVE that bath stuff too. Thanks! Mo