Monday, June 19, 2006

vacation ramblings

When I was a kid, our family vacations were always camping trips. That’s the only vacation I can ever remember. We never went on a plane or stayed in a hotel that I can remember. When Paul and I first got married, our vacations with the kids were also camping trips. We still love to sit around and talk about the fun they were. Yesterday for Fathers day we were talking about my parents tent. No one can remember where they got it but it was a H*U*G*E Army tent. The poles alone weighed about 40 lbs. My brother joked yesterday that raising it was like a big top circus tent. You almost needed elephants to hoist it.
It had lots of holes in it so my crafty Mom got out her calico fabric and appliquéd flowers, the Sun, trees and butterflies all over it. She sewed them on by hand. Paul and I borrowed it a few times after we first got married. He didn’t know what he was getting into when he tried to put up that monstrosity…. When you walked through the campgrounds you saw all these nice nylon domed tents, and then you saw ours…it was huge. Seriously you could almost park a car inside it.
We loved that thing and nobody quite knows what happened to it. None of us have any pictures of it either which totally makes me sad.
Now days our vacations require buying new wardrobes, packing for two days, boarding a plane, renting a car, staying in a hotel and eating in restaurants. Hotels now have computers in the lobby where you can check your email and post on your blog, unless you bring your own laptop with you. You take your cell phone with you so you won’t miss any important calls.
Now, I do love those vacations too but sometimes it just seems like the vacation is missing from the vacation doesn’t it?


Terri said...

I would love to see a picture of that tent! And I totally agree about the vacation being less vacation like - I blogged about all my preparation for ours today. The funny thing is I really do enjoy all the planning!

Suzelle said...

So true Susan.....

I would love to see a picture of the tent. I bet is it freakin' cool man !!!!!

Anonymous said...

Sounds like a big old Army tent perhaps. I think the same thoughts about vacations. I miss the good times I had camping w/ my family when I was growing up.