Sunday, July 09, 2006

In my space

Last night I finally got to spend some time scrapping.
Since I put my room back together and rearranged everything it was a little odd at first. Everything is in a new place but Im liking it. I think the fact that it was all different made me want to scrap something different.

So I started by scrapping a page about my new room, then I altered a little box I'd had sitting around for about a year now.
I normally don't ever put a pen to my layout. Doing anyting by hand is a sure way to mess it up. Im scared to death of doodling, stamping or any kind of paint...
Thats why this is outside the box for me. Doodling and paint...yikes!

Loved this little box before. Now I love it more. I think Im going to put inspiration ideas in it...I always think of ideas when I don' t have time to scrap. I think I'll jot it down on a slip of paper and tuck it in this little box. Then when Im lacking mojo, I can look though the box and see if anything inspires me.

and I finished up a layout that I'd had sitting on my desk for awhile. Loved this picture of the flower lady at Pike Place Market....

I seem to be stuck on orange lately.

Loving anything bright mixed with orange.

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maria said...

Oh my Two words, "eye candy" Really. Not only do I come in to your blog to see that awesome post on JD, but then I see these gorgeous pages and project of yours. Wow. I love the inspiration! The colors, the texture. Yumm. Love it, love it, love it. Now I wish I was scrapbooking....but I'm at work, darn it. Can't wait for this weekend!!!!