Friday, July 21, 2006

mark the day

Yesterday was my blogs birthday and I thought I would post something to mark the occasion.
I took some time and flipped back through my blog, reading some of the posts from the past year. I kind of got lost in reading it and never did post the birthday post...
This is from my very first post;

This will be a little look into my life and my loved ones. A place for people to catch up with what I'm doing if they would like to. I hope you enjoy, stop by often and feel free to comment at any time :)

and this from Day 2

so here we are on day 2 of the blog ...
still wondering what exactly I will be using this for and what the heck Im
going to talk about that would interest anyone...

I cried as I read my feelings when Justin was going through his Chemo and when he passed away. I felt better again when I read my thanksgiving post, I was surprised to realize how much progress I've made against my new years resolutions, I loved browsing various pictures I'd posted through the year and enjoyed reading the comments from friends I'd met here.

And I realized how much I really enjoy this blog thing :-)

I've never been good about keeping a journal and if not for this blog, so many of my feelings and the events of our lives would have been lost. Im so happy that I started it now and am pleased with what I've gotten out of it.

So heres to another year... and thanks so much for stopping by!


maria said...

Happy blog birthday! Yes, I know what you mean exactly! I love the friends that I've met thanks to my blog. You are most definetely one of them and I'm so grateful for that! You are also responsible for many *happy days* in my life...thanks to this blog! And now, I'm even considering learning how to cook! I'll blog about that experience next week! :)
Thanks so much and happy celebration!

toya said...

first time at your blog, wow, it's a good thing I can link onto other people blogs from different blogs, look what I would have missed, great blog you have here!

Reen said...

One year already?! Wow that went by fast! I sure enjoy your blog, glad you're going to continue it.
Happy Birthday little bloggy :)