Friday, July 07, 2006

name change too

I've been thinking about giving my blog a new name.
Its not always about my happy mess and I think its time for a new name.
So I'm going to be revamping a few other things things, but I decided on the name when I saw this stamp today at Impress.
and so it is...about My life's simple pleasures.
And today the clouds of the past few days have cleared away and the sun is shinning. Its friday, and today my simple pleasure is Philly swirl Italian Ices. So good. So simple :-)


maria said...

Hi there! It's friday, yippee!
I love the new blog name and those stamps look so fun!
I'll have to give those swirl Italian ices a try. They look yumm.

Suzelle said...


Reen said...

Susan, I had one of those swirly pops yesterday at Jen's. TDF!!! I love 'em! I'm thinking I need a huge box of them! LOL!!

Love your new blog name, so perfect!!

Mo said...

Oh how I wish I lived near Impress. I'd own all those yummy stamps too! :) I like the new name!!! :) Mo

Denise Gormish said...

Love the new blog name! Love that photo at the top too. Beautiful Susan!