Monday, July 03, 2006

New banner!!!

Im excited to finally have taken the time to put up a new banner.
I was really getting tired of my old one but completely forgot how to change it.
So today I figured it out and stockpiled a few while I still remember how to do it...
This one is the lavendar festival here in Washington.
Beautiful fields of lavendar and the smell is amazing.

Not a lot going on right now thats blog worthy so I'll just leave you with a picture or two.
I promised Maria I would try to do better at this so here I go :-)

Last weekend I got my Ikea shelf put together so started loading it up.
It makes me happy to have my stuff unpacked and within reach again.

And I picked up this little chalkboard/corkboard at Joannes for $3.00
Added some paper and a flower and a few luggage tags. I plan to keep track of some deadlines with this...I hope. But it looks pretty even if it doesn't make me organized huh?


tracy (deeter2000) said...

Susan, your room looks great! I just bought that exact Expedit from IKEA a few weeks ago ... I just need Pat to assemble it! lol! Hoping to get my act together and organize my studio this summer. Thanks for sharing! :)

maria said...

Susan, thanks so much for posting these great pictures! :) I think the IKEA shelf is perfect! I love it! And I love how you decorated the board! I'm with you on that one, if we got to organize ourselves we got to do it in style! :)
And what a phonemenal photo you chose for your new banner. Simply stunning. The colors are just gorgeous!

Reen said...

Oh my gosh is that lavendar in your banner??????? I love it!!

Your shelf unit is wonderful and your little Joanne's board, very nice! You are getting the room together so beautifully!! Awe, I wanna be done with mine already :) I miss scrapping!! Thanks for the inspiration Susan!!

Suzelle said...

LOVE the new banner Susan..beautiful !!! The shelf and the Joanne's goodie are too FUN !!!

Sofia said...

Your new banner is gorgeous!

Mo said...

Oh MY!!! LOVE that little corkboard you decorated!!! So cute!!!! :) Mo