Saturday, July 15, 2006

a new obsession

I have a new obsession.
Im not sure how Im going to fit it in with my scrapbooking obsession, but I know my husband is so much more excited about this new one. You might have a hint of it from my previous post.

It all started with blogs...scrapbooking blogs.
You know those little links people have over on the side of their blogs?
Well I clicked on one , and that blog led to another that led to another...
Im not sure how many I clicked on before I landed on Orangette... .
Thats all it took. Dont go there unless you want to be sucked in too :-)

Her writting and her cooking is outstanding...
If she published a book I'd buy it.
So surprised to find she lives right here in Seattle so when she talks of places I know right were she's talking about. I love to read her blog. She's got tons of links over on the right too, but I could just read hers and be happy.

Anyway, I quickly found several recipies I had to second thought to the fact they call for ingredients like light cream, butter, buttermilk...all things I usually avoid. But I could resist no longer.
So now I've been stalking these food blogs for a little over a week or more and have made some of the most delishes dishes ever... my husband is a happy camper. He has no idea whats come over me, but he likes it.
Today on my way home from work I stopped off at the store with another big list...

todays list includes ingredients for 4 dishes. A vegetable tart, a pasta dish, a cold noodle/roasted chicken dish and a cake.
All set to start cooking when I got home, I realized two items which I'd purchased were not in my bag. I called the store and yes, they'd left them out and I could come in a pick them up... not going to happen tonight, I just got home and its hot!
So I put everything away and we went out for fast food...can you say let down?
So today I started again...right now my ginger pear upside down cake is in the oven...made from scratch with lots of yummy stuff in it.
Mine is made in a bundt pan instead of a springform pan. I'd planned on making it in the springform but mine seems to be bent out of shape and Im afraid it will leak...not something I care to test so I tossed it and went with my trusty bundt pan. I love cakes cooked in a bundt pan. Love them. They're so much easier to cut and each peice gets plenty of icing if you put any on.
Im not sure which of the main dishes I'll be making for dinner, but I know I'll have cake :-)
My house smells heavenly right now. Check in tomorrow and I'll post a picture of it for you.


Suzelle said...

How fun Susan !!! I'm gonna go check out her blog :)

Reen said...

Susan, I'm loving your new obsession! Sounds devine!!!

maria said...

I think you are on a mission to inspire me into learning how to cook and/or bake, aren't you? Did you by any chance talk to my hubby? Hee hee. I'll come back to see your picture for sure, LOL.

Denise Gormish said...

Sounds great! I better not look just yet. I've been working through a backlog of new recipes!