Saturday, July 08, 2006

summer means flowers!

We're enjoying some perfect summertime weather these days.
Love to garden and work in the yard as long as its not too hot.
Today I was inspired to plant my hanging baskets full of summer flowers.
I usually have at least 15 pots and hanging baskets full of flowers every summer but it just got too much to water them all every day and they dry out so fast when its hot.
I think last year I only had 2 pots of flowers and nothing hanging.
Today I planted three hanging baskets and they look so pretty!
I think I'll stay at just three so I don't have too much to water though...

I prefer to plant Perennial flowers so I don't have to replant them every spring, or worry about them drying out so fast.
As I was watering the front yard with the sprinkler last evening the sunset was hitting these flowers through the sprinkler...I had to run and get my camera. I dodged the sprinkler but managed to catch this shot......
I ran around the yard and snapped a few other flower pictures in the yard while I had my camera out.

This rose smells amazing!!!

I love this flower, really I do... but its name really bugs feather.
Gay Feather?
Now why would you name a flower that!


Suzelle said...

beautiful Susan :)

maria said...

Susan, I *LOVE* all of your flowers! Thanks for sharing! The purple gay feather flowers are absolutely stunning! Yeah, funny name indeed. Yes, I also love perennials...they are so much easier to care for.