Sunday, July 30, 2006

Vera Bradley

Have you seen these purses?
I know they've been around for ever, but their making a come back these days. I've seen lots of knock-offs everywhere too which are also very pretty...but something about the colors and fabrics Vera Bradley uses make her purses so beautiful.

Lately they peeked my interest so I guess that got me noticing them everywhere now.
Last week I went to find a birthday present for my SIL.
After hours of shopping and coming up with exactly natha, I happened to walk by crabtree & evelyn store and spotted these Vera Bradley purses in the window.
Long story short, I got one for each of us. A shopping trip success in my opinion...

My Mom saw it yesterday and immediately said she needed one too.
I may have talked her into waiting until Christmas because that may be something SOMEONE could get her for Christmas...hint, hint! Hopefully she won't go buy one!
I think I may need more of these purses myself in different colors and sizes. I just checked out her website and her fall colors are yummy.


Suzelle said...

I *heart* Vera Bradley stuff !!!!! LOVE the colors of that purse Susan....FUN :))))

maria said...

I love that purse Susan...mmm, I think I might need to go on a fun shopping trip soon, LOL. Hey, I finally gave it a try on the cooking thing. I started with baking. My cake didn't look as good as yours though...but I can say it was quite an experience and you are one of my heroes. I honestly have a renewed sense of respect and admiration for anyone who can cook or is such hard work indeed!

~Caro~ said...

I am NOT a purse (or shoe) person at all... but that is the cutest purse!!!

Cindy Lee said...

love the purse! I NEED the red one, lol! thanks for sharing! Cindy Lee