Thursday, July 27, 2006

whats your design sign?

This is kind of fun…I found this link on the HGTV website... whats your design sign…

for me it says
August 23-September 22
Being the most logical sign, you desire an orderly space where everything is kept neat and precise. Shelves for organization are a must, but you also enjoy vintage pieces, light wood and glass accents.
Your colors of choice are light blues, yellow-greens and creams.

Considering what I just did in my scraproom, I think I now know why I love it in there so much.
I know I've posted this picture before, but it really makes sense now...kind of fun huh?


maria said...

Funny, how it does make sense! I'll have to check it out now and see if it works for me too.

maria said...

Here is mine: "With your eclectic mix of colors and accessories, you need plenty of space for social interaction. Candles, religious reflections and maps are usually found throughout your favorite rooms.
To add to your diverse spaces, choose a variety of fun colors like purple, turquoise and royal blue.
Social-butterfly Sagittarius, check out Designers' Portfolio for decorating inspiration." And yes, I must say, my decorating style is eclectic for the most part and while I don't have maps, I do have a lot of Asian and Egiptian things in my living room and family room.