Monday, August 21, 2006

Camera questions

I feel like my brain has turned to mush...
I'm thinking of making the leap from my trusty little Canon A80 (which I don't even know how to work on Manual settings) to the big scary world of a Digital SLR...
So for days now I've read and read and researched and re-read suff that sounds like a foreign language to me...
Different lenses????? whoa
Scary stuff in my opinion...I don't really know what they all do.
I really wanted the Canon 20d, but I think thats out of the question at this
I've narrowed it down to two cameras so please leave me your thoughts.
The two cameras Im considering are the Canon digital rebel and a Nikon D70.
Both are really great cameras.
Just buying the camera and one lens will max our budget right now so I only intend on getting just the one lens.
I read lots of reviews and I bounced back and forth,
back and forth...
back and forth...
and this last review I read is making me lean toward the Nikon.
Tell me if you agree.
Although the Canon is higher pixels (8.0) and really rated as a better camera than the Nikon (with just over 6. pixels), the Nikon package comes with a better lens giving you better quality pictures than the Canon....unless you invest in a better lens for the Canon.
If you invest in better lenses (like doubling the price of the camera body) the Canon is a far better camera and would blow the Nikon away in picture quality.
But I dont want to spend that kind of money right now to buy the Canon body and the better lens and if I did, I'd go with the Canon 20d.
And I think I like the way the Nikon feels in my hands.
So, should I just go with the Nikon, which really is an awesome camera and Im sure I'd be totally happy with this camera, or go with the Canon package and worry about getting a better lens someday in the future?
Im thinking Nikon. I think I'll be totally happy with that camera.
Anyway, here's a few more of my pictures from our trip to the ocean taken with my trusty little Canon A80.
Can you believe this ladies front yard?
And that cedar shake building...its her little business. I think she sells kites and sand buckets/shovels and stuff like that for the beach.
But holy cow! its in her front yard.
Im standing at the side of the yard near the house, looking across the yard.
Thats how far she has to go to between customers she works in her flower garden Her flowers were just beautiful.


Tisham said...

The Xt is a great little camera! You won't be disappointed:-) Great pics!! I love the starfish below!!

Yolanda said...

I have the digi rebel xt and the kit lens and a 70-300 lens but the Nikon is an awesome camera. If you go to my blog and click on Life's Snapshots link in sidebar she takes her photos with a d70.I would go with the one that felt the best in my hand.

plualum said...

Great photos! I just went to Ocean Shores last weekend. Yours look like Pacific Beach. Where did you go?

I was going through the same debate last November and ended up with neither the Canon or Nikon, but with the Olympus E-volt 500. It comes with two lenses and the photographers at Tall's Camera in South Center Mall really recommended it. The guys there really know their stuff. Might be worth a trip to get their opinion between the two you are debating.

maria said...

Both are great cameras. I have the rebel. When I first got it I only had the one lens it came with. On Mother's Day I got another lens and now I'm happy with it. But I'm sure for Christmas I'll ask for another lens (hee hee).
I love the picture of the flower garden. Gorgeous!

Christy said...

I would go with the rebel... you will want the bigger pixels and I haven't heard any complaints about the quality-- and seen nothing but great pics from the rebel.