Wednesday, August 09, 2006

getting your Fruits and vegies in??

...before you have to throw them away?
I throw away about half of the produce I buy.
I buy it with the best intentions of eating it all before it goes bad but week after week I clean out the vegetable drawers and toss the old before going to the store to buy new.
With only two of us in the house its hard to eat it all in a few days and with both of us working there’s no way I’m going to shop twice a week so I can buy in smaller quantities.
But, I think I just may have found something to make those fruits and vegies last about twice as long as they did.
I’m not one to fall for gimmicks. I don’t watch infomercials. I don’t watch qvc, home shopping network or any tv sales cannel. I have hardly ever ordered anything online (except scrapbook supplies) but Im here to tell you about something that will change the way you buy fruits and bags........
Item Number K5519 Debbie Meyer's EvertFresh Green Bags (TM) Set of 50

I cant seem to make it link properly so if you just put K5519 in the search field it will take you to the right page
Truely, I swear to you they really work.
My Mom buys anything and everything off of TV.
She's a sucker for all those home shopping channels.
She loves that brown truck to show up at her doorstep every week with a new surprise.
Well, she ordered these a few weeks back.
When she was raving about them I just nodded my head and agreed with her, knowing this was just the latest gimmick she’d fallen for.
But then she sent me home with a few of them.
Holy they work? Yes they do!!!
Paul buys a bunch of green bananas every weekend and sits them in the fruit bowl.
He likes them when their a little green still.
He takes one banana to work with him every morning.
By Wednesday those bananas are fully yellow.
By Thursday they're showing brown spots.
By Friday they're overly ripe.
By Sat. I throw them away and on Sunday we buy a new bunch.
So, then come the green bags.
I put a bunch of green Bananas in on of these bags, turned it closed and folded under the twist ties should be used with these bags.
By Wednesday, those bananas are still green.
By Friday the Bananas are still mostly green...
Paul was able to eat them all while they were all perfectly still on the green side.

I’ve put my lettuce in one, my zucchini in one….all still perfect.
Mom says you can wash them and re-use them over and over.
Only $19. for like 50 of them which is seriously all you should ever need.
Sounds like a sales pitch doesnt it?
It slices it dices, it keeps your vegies farm fresh!
Yes it does! :-)


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