Friday, August 11, 2006

Its Friday and...

the bananas are still green!! They look almost exactly like they did last Sunday when we bought them. Cant believe how well these green bags work at keeping produce fresh. If you didn't see my previous post, check it out and get yourself some of these bags!
In other news we're getting ready to leave for vacation.
Heading down the coast to Oregon. Looking so forward to it.
Paul and I really need a get away. We'll be gone from Sunday to Thursday.
I picked a bunch of Lilies from my yard last week. Pretty huh?
except after about 30 minutes in the house they were banned to the backyard again...these things smell so strong that I couldn't STAND them in the house a minute longer. But, since they'd already been picked, I put them on the deck so I could at least enjoy them through the window...I think they're okay in small amounts, maybe one or two in a vase full of other flowers. But a whole vase full....overpowering.


Reen said...

Susan! Gonna miss you! have a great time on your vacation....take tons of pictures, cuz I wanna see them when you get back.

Mandy Ford said...

How cool are those bags?! I get so frustrated when I have to throw away half of our bananas every week because they turn brown...I might have to get some! :)

plualum said...

Thanks for stopping by my blog and for your comments. I can't imagine how tough it must be to lose a child (not having one myself).

I've never stayed for any period of time on the Oregon coast, but it sounds like fun. Enjoy your time away! The ocean is so renewing. I love it!

As for those flowers, I know exactly what you mean. I left my lillies in the ground this year and enjoyed them from afar. They are very strong to smell inside.

Melodee said...

Hey, know you are already on vacation...but just was checking out your blog!! :)

I am so going to buy some green bags...that is awesome! Thanks for the tip!

Torm said...

are they still green now?

CMK said...

Hi Susan! Hope you had a great trip! Welcome home.

carrie*postma said...

Hope you had a wonderful time on your trip to the OR Coast! We went last weekend and we were frozen and blown off the was so cold and windy!
Those lilys are beautiful!