Monday, August 28, 2006


No, not scrapbook, Scrap-block.
Cuz thats what I did.
Last night I could hardly wait to get in my scrap room and work on a layout for a contest I want to submit to.
I have the picture I really want to use for this; I have the papers picked out for it that I think will be perfect…so what happened?
creative scrap – block.
I sat down at my scrap table and… did nothing.
Well not exactly.
I did something.
I did cut up some of the paper I want to use for it. Now I’m not sure that’s the direction I want to go with this layout so hopefully I didn’t cut up too much of this paper.
I did flip through some idea books. Nothing sparked for me.
I did go on line to look through my book of scraps to see if I could get creative juices flowing…Blah.
So tonight I'm hoping to be inspired…I better be cuz its due tomorrow.

Camera update
Yesterday I swayed from what I thought was a decision for the Nikon D70 made just two days before, back to considering the Digital Rebel XT again.
Part of that was because I've read so many positive things about the Digital Rebel that it made me feel a lot better about the lens. Thanks for all your comments and assurances left here.
Then today I see this…The Digital Rebel Xti is coming! Soon!

Now I’m unsure again…should I wait for it?
I didn’t look for a price yet but I’m sure its more…
I donno…again.My patience for making this decision is wearing thin, Paul’s is running even more thin since I keep changing my mind. .


maria said...

It took me quite some time too to make up my mind...but I just love my rebel! :)
Hey, I tried the dump cake this weekend...everyone loved it! THANKS for the awesome recipe!

Reen said...

I know what you mean about the scrapblock! I was on a creative high there for weeks during my contest, now blah! Good luck finding your mojo again. Good luck with the camera purchase. Don't think you can go wrong either way.