Tuesday, August 29, 2006

Summer is winding down

Summer is winding down
Today I knew it was so as soon as I finished getting dressed.
During the past several months I have peeked outside my bedroom window every morning, just to see how light it was outside. It makes me happy when its sunny for my drive to work. I hate leaving the house in the morning before the sun comes up and its what I dread most about fall and winter. And it’s dark for my drive home, which makes me feel like I’ve missed the entire day. For a few treasured months in the summer I get to hear the birds chirp and see the sun shine when I walk outside to get in my car.
But this morning…no birds, no sun and I grabbed a sweater out of the coat closet as I walked out the door. The first part of my drive today involved using the cars headlights.
I know my days are numbered. Summer is winding down.

There are other changes as well besides the obvious ones that come with the kids going back to school. The fair ( http://www.thefair.com/ ) starts soon. Usually this is the last hurrah of the summer and I always hope the good weather holds out long enough to allow us a few trips to it without having to dodge the raindrops.
Yesterday as I was turning on the sprinkler in the backyard I noticed a little peanut hidden there by a squirrel...he's getting ready for fall too!

In Seattle we have mostly perfect 70-80 degree summers. It’s warm, but not hot.
Most homes don’t have air conditioning here so some days it stays way to warm for my taste at night. It makes it so hard to sleep. We do have our occasional heat wave, which lasts a few days with temps in the 90’s and sometimes over 100… but thankfully they’re few and far between.
One of the benefits of fall coming is that I much prefer fall for sleeping…. its not cold, but its cool enough to snuggle under the blankets at night. Another part of fall that I love is that I feel like cooking again. Summer cooking is as simple as possible. The first few cool days of fall makes me want to bake bread and make a big pot of soup or chili.
So while I’m sad that summer is winding down and I’m really going to miss the sun as I walk out the door (and when I walk back in the door at night too!) I look forward to fall, pushing me to cook and to get some really good sleep. I’m so thankful that we live in an part of the country where we have all the beautiful seasons, but none of them are extreme.

and final news for today.......................................I got my camera!
Canon Digital Rebel XT. About 10 times I tried to back out of getting one but Paul was insistant that he wanted me to pick out a camera... so now I really am a happy girl. Now Im off to go figure it out:-)


sherry said...

Congratulations on the camera! I love to cook in the Fall also! Soups, stews, chili, cassaroles!

Jen said...

Have fun with your camera! I know what you mean about summer ending - sad but I LOVE fall!

Adrienne said...

Have fun with your camera!!!!!

Reen said...

Yay!! Enjoy that new baby! Enjoy those last few days of summer, hope you can capture a few great memories left with that new camera!!

Robyn Tanaka said...

Have fun and Congrats with your camera.... :)

I'm STILL contemplating getting a DSLR myself... and I think today will be the day... :)

maria said...

Soooo cool about your new camera! So exciting to hear the Rebel was the winner! You won't regret it one bit. It's truly an awesome camera!