Monday, September 04, 2006

I love long weekends

The end of a 4 day weekend and I had to go and ruin it.
how? my back.
I tried to dig up one small little area in my yard today.
I shoveled and raked and picked up rocks and raked again.
It took about and hour and a half to pull a muscle in my lower back.
god I hate getting old.
So my pile of stone bricks will have to wait til another day.

but other than that this weekend could not been any nicer.
nothing special.
Just our normal house
just the way I like it.
I love hanging out at home.
Its quiet
Its comfortable (except for my back...ack)
Paul watching golf on tv or surfing the internet
The dogs sleeping on their bed
Me cooking, scrapping or reading.
A pot of coffee.
the windows are open and the air is cool.
The end to a 4 day weekend


Suzelle said...

Bummer about your back Susan....feel better :)

Anonymous said...

Exactly! :-)

I hope your back feels better... I do the same thing.

sherry said...

I hope your back feels better soon but what a wonderful picture you painted about the house activites!

I just got a Rebel and would love some tips!

maria said...

Sorry about your back...hope you feel better really soon!

Sending you cyber hugs!