Friday, September 01, 2006

Learning to shoot in manual...

One benefit to buying the canon Rebel XT is that its very much like my Canon A80. All of the settings are exactly the same so the learning curve there was shorter. But...since I didn't understand many of the manual settings in my A80, I didn't understand them in my D Rebel either.
But today I spent much time with two books, my manual and Understanding Exposure.
Its starting to make sense. I think Im starting to get it.
these are some of my first shots from today . Just walking around the house finding things that will let me take their picture..
Not perfect, but I'll get there.


maria said...


toya said...

fabulous photos, especially for you first ones in manual

Jackie Hunter said...

Lovely Photos :o)

Anonymous said...

those are turning out so nice!! Great job!!