Monday, September 25, 2006


my blog has been calling me...and Im ignoring it.
I just need to take a few minutes but there's always something more important to do.
but, a quick update today just to get back in the swing-

Old Navy -
Have you been there lately? They seem to be changing their mix a little bit.
I was there on Friday and noticed that they seem to be carrying more normal sizes- not just the tiny ultra low rise jeans. They actually have clothes for people who have a body!
I stocked up on my favorite tee shirts- on sale now, the womens perfect fit Tee.
These tee's are wonderful!
very heavy weight quality that wont stretch out and wont shrink.
They make them just a bit longer but fit in the waist.
I LOVE them and guess what?
On sale now for $5.00 each for the short sleeved ones.
I stalked up

scrapped a lot this weekend-
this weekend! yippee.
Completed a few projects that were sucking up all of my creative jucies so now I can move on to the good stuff. I've got some pictures that are calling my name and I've refused to start in on them until I completed the stuff I'd started. I hate half finished layouts. I know myself well enough to know I wont go back to it once I put it away

down the garden path-
last summer Paul started a brick boarder along the side of the house where my un-used vege garden is. Its been half way done since last summer and its on our to-do around the house list. This past weekend I got out the shovel and and while Paul was sprucing up the yard, trimming the trees and mowing the lawn, I laid the rest of the bricks. Im pretty proud of myself cause it looks really nice now. Next weekend we're going to get some gravel and re-gravel the path.
Another thing checked off the to-do list. I love it when that happens :-)

Ethan news-
we got to baby sit Ethan yesterday. :-)
Man do 18 month olds have a lot of energy!!!!
My house is no longer child proof so theres no time to sit still when he's around.
Got some seriously adorable pictures though :-)

So there's an update.
Not much of one
but a start.
I did it.
and it didn't hurt a bit :-)


Kristi Mangan said...

Ooooh, I sooo need to go to Old Navy then because I practically LIVE in their "perfect fit tee".... I think I own it in almost every color (except grey). Thanks for the headsup!

maria said...

I love Old Navy too! It's good to "see" you and glad to hear you got some scrapping done! That's always fun!