Monday, October 30, 2006

Happy Halloween

The pumpkins are carved.The candles are in them waiting to be lit…the candy is waiting by the door.
Oh how I hope we have kids this year. I think.
First year we lived in our house I bought enough candy for about 200 kids. You just never know when you move into a new neighborhood and I have a fear of running out of candy. Not sure what’s going to happen if I do, but I don’t want to find out.
Anyway, we had 6 kids.
The next year I planned for only 60 kids (just in case some new kids moved in to the neighborhood) ... we had 5 kids show up for trick or treat. I guess someone must have moved away.
We’ve been on a steady increase since then though. I’ve also been decreasing the amount of candy I buy. Last year we had about 20 kids. I bought enough for about 35 kids year. This is the closest I’ve ever cut it. I’m secretly praying for rain because I’m getting worried I haven’t bought enough candy.

Catching up on other stuff going on....
Paul replaced our outside lights this past weekend with ones that have a light sensor in them. I was so happy he got them up last weekend. Just in time for the time change. Its dark outside when we get home from work. Its dark outside when we leave for work too.
I hate daylights savings time.
It’s just ridiculous to me that we do this.
We all have to readjust to the time change. For what?
But at least now our lights are on when we get home so we're not stumbling around in the dark.

Last weekend Ethan and Jaryn came by. I wanted to take some pictures of them together since I often get Ethan, but hardly ever get Jaryn too. Ethan didnt want to cooperate so this was about all I got.

Friday, October 27, 2006

scrap for a cause

Im not usually fond of ordering premade stuff, expecially scrapbook kits.
But...a few weeks ago I ordered this

To tell the truth I never expected to actually make the book exactly as they sold it.
I assumed I'd take the product, mix it up differently and make something (not about me) with the album.

But today it came.
And I opened it up
and I dumped it all out.
and I just might make it about me
Im taking Shimelle's "you think you know me" class so Im thinking I might combine the two and use this kit for that album.
When I ordered it I thought it would just be an album, a foot or two of a few kinds of ribbon, a few packs of chipboard and some letters. But its not.
It really is a kit. Just like the ones they use at scrapbook conventions.
Lots of cool stuff here too. Lots of Heidi Swapp.
Each page is packaged individually and labeled like- pages 10 & 18...
hundreds of embellishments.
Cardstock, ribbon, chipboard...all neatly packaged.
and it comes with a cool little 8X8 album covered in green silk fabric. The album fits inside another box that ties closed with a ribbon.
kinda cool really.
not much to think about...just follow the instructions.
But heres the thing...
how do they sell this kit at $15.00 ?
They have to be loosing money on these things AND $3.00 goes to support the fight against breast cancer if you order one during October.

you really should order one...its a great deal...and hurry!

Monday, October 23, 2006

Who made this mess?

I really have to pull it together....really.
Or get a maid.

This week end I had to seriously wonder who was making all the mess in my house, cause honestly Im not home all that much.
See, I get to be home for 45 minutes in the morning…from the time I wake up, to the time I walk out the door.
I don’t have long to make any messes in 45 minutes, and Im pretty much restricted to two or three rooms of the house.
Bedroom, bathroom and kitchen. That’s it.
Then when we get home, I have three hours to run willy-nilly around the house.
Those three hours include cooking and eating dinner, watching a little TV and if Im lucky, scrapping a little bit.
Since Im all for fitting everything in, I try and make it an even hour for each thing.
An hour to cook, eat and clean the kitchen, an hour to scrapbook, and a third hour to watch a TV show.
That’s it. That’s my week. Monday to Friday.
But Friday I looked around the house and the laundry is piling up, the dishwasher is full and the dust on the TV screen is making it hard to see the TV.
what is going on around here?
Who made this mess while we were gone all day?

Im really thankful that Paul is so good about starting, folding and putting away a load of laundry almost every day. Thank god for that.
And I always make sure the dishes are put in the dishwasher and the kitchen wiped down every night.
But the cleaning…the knock the cobwebs down, get the windex out, polish the furniture kind of cleaning is reserved for the weekend.
If we expect to do anything fun on the weekend, forget the cleaning part.
Its not gonna get done.

But last weekend it did.
I took a few rooms. Paul took a few rooms.
Magazines to the recycle bin-check
Mirrors windexed – check
Floors mopped – check
Laundry folded and put away – check check

Now its Monday and the whole process starts over.
What I want to know is who is in my house all day long making such a mess?

Tuesday, October 17, 2006

felted purses

I consider myself a pretty crafty person.
But Im nothing compared to my Mom.
Last weekend we went to visit her, always an experience cause I get to see what she's been up to lately.
She does just about everything - Quilts, paints, any kind of needle craft, basket weaving, knitting and she even cards, dyes and spins her own yarn!
When she crafts she loves to get to the basic part of the craft, the bare bones. Like, she'll collect pine needles and weave a basket out of it, weave in rocks and pieces of driftwood that she's gathered.
At the moment she's back into knitting.
But she cant just knit like normal people.
She got to basicly sheer the sheep before she can knit something LOL!
Seriously...she loves dying and spinning wool into yarn for her projects.
She belongs to a fiber guild in her area and they have monthly meetings.
Many of the ladies have their own sheep or lamas that they raise for the fleece.
They have it cleaned and carded, and then they use it and sell it.
They just had a huge sale that Im really sad I missed. Apparently one of the women has a farm with a huge beautiful barn where they have the fiber sales.
Im so sad I missed it, not because Im into spinning yarn, but because I imagine the pictures I could have taken :-) The colors are amazing, big balls of fluff. Mom says some ladies display their fiber by bunching it together and sticking it in a vase so it looks like flowers.
The photographer in me starts to twitch just thinking about it!
Anyway, with raw fiber you buy it in huge balls (about the size of a basket ball or a little larger) sometimes its dyed, sometimes not.
Sometimes mixed with other fibers like silk, sometimes its just a mix of stuff.
It was so interesting to see all the different kinds. Mom must have 3 rubbermaid tubs full of fiber of all colors, but mostly just the natural browns/tans.
I think she dyes them with kool-aide sometimes. So fun!
Anyway, at the fiber club sale she said she sold about 20 pairs of socks that she'd made ... pretty good I'd say.
But while she was showing me all the raw fiber she'd bought, I saw these sitting all over the place.
Shes been making felted purses. Arent they beautiful???
It takes her only two days to knit one, then she felts it.
Im hoping for one for Christmas. Already put in my color choices. I really love the green one with the purple stripes. My sister already put dibs on the periwinkle blue one.
She sold a few of them at the fiber guild sale but they didnt sell as well as she'd hoped. The problem is that you cant sell this kind of stuff to the kind of people who go to a fiber guild show. They make these themselves. Its like selling a pre-made scrapbook at a scrapbook convention. Your not going to sell many.
but next month she's going to be at the fiber guild booth at the fairgrounds and Im expecting that she'll sell quite a few of these puppies there.
I think they'd make an awesome Christmas gift.
I'm hoping for one :)
I love digging though her crafts room.
She's always got about a million projects going on in there so your never going to run across the same thing twice.
Cant wait to see what she's up to next time I go :)

Saturday, October 07, 2006

another week gone by...

and no time to post on my blog.
Today is catch up day though :)

We ran around and got all of our Saturday chores done (car wash, Costco, shopping) then headed out to Maris Farms to the pumpkin patch.
Its been years since we took the time to go to the pumpkin patch but today was just too pretty of a day to pass it up.
Picked out my pumpkin....
We took a hayride, ate a hamburger in the barn sitting on bales of hay, Paul even shot corncobs out of a cannon!
My favorite part was the goats! love them. If I could I would have a goat. Isnt he adorable?

Monday, October 02, 2006

and my seceret is now out of the bag...

and I can finally toot!
I've been choosen for the October guest design
team member for Create my Keepsakes.
Thank you Rebecca and the design team for your votes.
This is such a great design team and an amazing site.

Sunday, October 01, 2006

what a week!

I had such high hopes of staying caught up with my blog this week then it all fell apart.
Last weekend I got to babysit Ethan which meant lots of new pictures. and I mean lots. How about 110 new pictures!

Then Jenn came to stay with us for a few days. She needed to come home and be pampered for a few days and I love having her home. I love just spending time with her talking and being a Mom for awhile. I miss that so much. Im sad that she lives far away and we can't do this more often. I really miss having my kids around to pamper, cook for, love on and ... well, just be a Mom. She need us and we needed her. She and I went for a walk one afternoon and off the side of the trail I saw this great sideways growing tree...I almost screamed out loud! Its perfect! You have to go stand over there and let me take your picture. So she and Woogie did and I snapped off a few shots. And since she currently has a few scrapes and bruises I was able to wipe them all away with the magic of photoshop. She was thrilled with the results and so was I.

and I've got some really exciting news today (insert tiny squeel of joy here ).... can't share just yet though. drats!