Saturday, October 07, 2006

another week gone by...

and no time to post on my blog.
Today is catch up day though :)

We ran around and got all of our Saturday chores done (car wash, Costco, shopping) then headed out to Maris Farms to the pumpkin patch.
Its been years since we took the time to go to the pumpkin patch but today was just too pretty of a day to pass it up.
Picked out my pumpkin....
We took a hayride, ate a hamburger in the barn sitting on bales of hay, Paul even shot corncobs out of a cannon!
My favorite part was the goats! love them. If I could I would have a goat. Isnt he adorable?


Reen said...

Eeeee!!!! I'm so excited about all your pretty pictures! Love them! You are making me want to head to the pumpkin patch.

We used to have a goat when i was little, she used to eat her plastic food bowls. LOL! They really do eat anything and everything.

Congrats on your guest DT spot too ;)

Suz said...

GREAT shots Susan. LOVE Pumpkin Patch pics ;)

maria said...

Great pictures Susan! :)