Monday, October 30, 2006

Happy Halloween

The pumpkins are carved.The candles are in them waiting to be lit…the candy is waiting by the door.
Oh how I hope we have kids this year. I think.
First year we lived in our house I bought enough candy for about 200 kids. You just never know when you move into a new neighborhood and I have a fear of running out of candy. Not sure what’s going to happen if I do, but I don’t want to find out.
Anyway, we had 6 kids.
The next year I planned for only 60 kids (just in case some new kids moved in to the neighborhood) ... we had 5 kids show up for trick or treat. I guess someone must have moved away.
We’ve been on a steady increase since then though. I’ve also been decreasing the amount of candy I buy. Last year we had about 20 kids. I bought enough for about 35 kids year. This is the closest I’ve ever cut it. I’m secretly praying for rain because I’m getting worried I haven’t bought enough candy.

Catching up on other stuff going on....
Paul replaced our outside lights this past weekend with ones that have a light sensor in them. I was so happy he got them up last weekend. Just in time for the time change. Its dark outside when we get home from work. Its dark outside when we leave for work too.
I hate daylights savings time.
It’s just ridiculous to me that we do this.
We all have to readjust to the time change. For what?
But at least now our lights are on when we get home so we're not stumbling around in the dark.

Last weekend Ethan and Jaryn came by. I wanted to take some pictures of them together since I often get Ethan, but hardly ever get Jaryn too. Ethan didnt want to cooperate so this was about all I got.

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maria said...

Awww....totally cute pictures! Happy Halloween to you too!!!
And yes, I hate the daylight saving time too!