Friday, November 03, 2006

do you ...

dread winter coming?
Do you long for pretty flowers, fresh mown grass, warm sunny days and flip flops?
I do... Fall just began and I'm already missing summer.
Today I set my mind to enjoy the changing season instead of longing for something else. After all, we live in the pacific northwest, one of the most beautiful parts of the country in my opinion. We have 4 seasons, although none of them are harsh. What could be more perfect?

Summers without too high of heat and no humidity
Winters with one or two snows if we're lucky, yes we do get a few rain showers
Falls with beautiful maple trees.
Springs full of tulips and flowering cherry trees.
Every one of the seasons is perfectly beautiful in its own way...not just the summers.

As soon as I got home from work today I grabbed my garden sissors and headed out to my back yard.
Yes it was pouring rain.

yes most of the bushes were covered with yellow leaves that had just fallen off the huge maple tree in our back yard.
But I was determined to find something that resembled a bouquet of flowers.
This is what I found.
Mostly leaves, grasses and berries but the color is as beautiful as any flower.

I plan to try and keep this little vase full of something til spring rolls around again. Not sure what will end up there, but something will ;)


Suzelle said...

So pretty Susan !!!! What a great idea :)

maria said...

Susan....I just love that bouquet! And what a wonderful idea indeed!

Jenn said...

what a beautiful bouquet. I LOVE to work in my yard and plant flowers. I'm not ready for Spring but I do get that special feeling when it's here!!

Anonymous said...

Susan, you have no idea how much I dread Winter! The thought of surviving another season of "the blues" makes me anxious and scared. I go through so much personal struggle during this time of year. Thanks so much for your idea of keeping flowers! A great idea that I really need to remember :)

stefani said...

Very pretty flowers.

I just wish summer would go away and fall/winter would come. We are still in summer down here in the desert.

Mo said...

What a GREAT idea, Susan!!!! I so need to do something like this too. Thanks! Mo