Wednesday, November 22, 2006

updating finally...

I'm ignoring my blog again. I sorry.
Its haunting me. I really want to keep it going but I don't have much to say lately. The most amusing thing in my life right now seems to be the remodel of my bathroom. While this may be a big thing in my life, who else cares?
But amusing is a good word for it.
Aside from the night that Paul overtightened the water line from the wall to the toilet and it burst, showering him and the whole room with water before he could get it turned off…
The fact that I have 12 different squares painted on the wall is proof that my brain is tired of making decisions at this moment. The vanity was delivered but the faucet is not hooked up. The vanity itself is so much more sage green than I remembered from a month ago when we picked it out. I thought I remembered it much more brownish sage than greenish sage… sigh
So, picking out the floor tile with an inaccurate image in my head as to the real color of the vanity was hard. In the end the result is okay but the floor tile is a little more yellow tan than tan tan. Im a little disappointed. But Im probably over sensitive to it all right now. I think I would have picked a less yellow color for the floor tiles if I’d had a sample of the vanity with me at the time. long sigh
But that leaves me with trying to pick a wall color to tie the two together…hence the 12 different samples on the walls (at $3.99 ea = $47.00).
Im hoping to just pick one this weekend.
Also hoping for a running faucet.
I know this is riviting, so the story will continue.
I’ll post pictures

One more thing, I want to wish every single one of you a very very blessed Thanksgiving.
I hope you spend it exactly the way you imagine your perfect Thanksgiving to be. Whether that’s surrounded by friends and family, food and football, or simply at home with a good meal and a cozy fire in the fireplace. Both sound equally good to me


torm said...

i am completely and totally envious of your bathroom. i care. ;)

Reen said...

Susan Wyno, I'm going all white in my bathroom when I get to it! hahaha!! j/ hang in there, now you just pick a color already...oat was good, I love the oat!!

Sharon said...

LOL!!!!! I have such a hard time picking out things too. Good luck to you!

maria said...

Yeap, I so totally get it....that's how I've been about my scrapbook room. We painted it in two shades of green...and honestly, the more I see it, the more I don't like the "shades" we picked. I keep wanting to repaint the whole thing! I have a hard time deciding too! SO glad to see you "back" and hey, aren't you going to share your new CJ? I wonder how yours turned out. You already mailed it I'm sure, but I was wondering if you took any pictures before sending it off.

Hope your Thanksgiving was FABULOUS! Many hugs to you.

Cheryl Wray said...

I LOVE hearing about all the "little things" in people's lives--even if it's a bathroom remodel! LOL
Hope you had a great Thanksgiving too!