Wednesday, December 13, 2006

at long last...

I cant believe I'm going to post pictures of my bathroom on my blog, but I am. :)
Of course its all I've been talking about lately but here are the final results.

I'm so happy to have this ugly 1970's bathroom gone from my house. I could not be happier with how the remodel came out, although stressful at times.
Does it ever go smoothly?

Not for us.

We've almost remodeled this entire house, the bathrooms are the last rooms to receive an update. All of our remodels have had their "moments".
They never ever go smoothly...

So, these first two pictures were taken the morning the demolition started...yucky huh? Don't ya love the brown Formica counters?

how about a brown Formica tub surround to go with it? Of course its not made any more beautiful by all my paint samples all over the place, but that is the least of the worries this ugly bathroom had and I just painted them the day before demolition anyway.

and these were taken after.... see the solar tube?

I'm doing a happy dance.... I love natural light coming in instead of the cave that it was.

Right now I've put cocoa brown accents with it and I think its really rich looking. I pulled the brown out of the flecks in the granite as well as a wreath I hung in there. Its got some tiny brown pine cones among the white berries.

The rug is a cocoa color that has a tinge of green in it that I found at Target . I may change it from time to time to a deep plum. I think that would look really pretty.

The wall color is called Devine Olive. I mention that because I painted 12 different samples on the wall before I was able to match the green in the granite on the vanity.


Devine Olive is almost the color of the inside of an avocado... a yummy creamy green. Sadly it doesn't show that way in the pictures, but is absolutely so yummy it makes my mouth water. Its actually almost an exact color match with the Yankee candle I found.

I love the brushed nickel fixtures...............

now you see why Im so happy to have this done, right?
So now whats next?
New carpet...arghhhhhhh.


Suzelle said...

beeeee-utiful !!!!!

Maria said...

Susan, I love what you did here! Wow, you were busy! I really love the color your chose!

JENNY B said...

susan-- this is a yummy bathroom--- love the way it turned out!!!