Monday, December 04, 2006

November is over...

its now December.
Looking back I see I had only 4 blog posts for November.
Pretty cummy effort on my part I'd say.
But now its December and hopefully I'll do better.
Maybe my life will be more bloggable in December...there's always a chance :)

We completed the bathroom remodel yesterday - thats blog worthy!
It came out beautifuly. Im sooooo soooo happy with the result. There for awhile I wasnt sure if I was going to like the color of the counter/floor tile, but the wall paint seemed to work magic at pulling it all together. Tonight I get to hang the pictures, towel racks and mirror to finish it off. Pauls replacing the light switches tonight with ones that have little lights inside the switches so you can find them in the dark :)

What else?
Several months ago I saw a post on 2 peas asking people what thier favorite monthly scrapbook kit site was...a huge amount of people replied Scrapologie. So many that I went to discover what they were all raving about.
People discribed their kits as eclectic, funky, classy, scrapologie is anthropology only for scrapbooking supplies.
I had to agree, their kits really looked awesome with stuff I knew I would use, and new stuff I'd never tried but wanted to. I tried to sign up but was sad to find that they weren't giving out any new memberships.
I got on the waiting list and kind of forgot about it.
Over this past weekend I received an email saying that they had a membership available for me if I was still interested. COOL!
Here's a link to the Dec kit
Im really excited to get my first kit. I think the great thing about kits is that they allow you to try a lot of different things without buying a whole pack of something.
You to receive cutting edge product that may not be available in your area yet
...and I'm hoping it will help me control my scrap supply budget.
I go weak if I walk into a scrapbook store. With a kit, once a month I'll receive this fun packet thats full of coordinated product, all at one low price under $30.00. Im excited to give it a try and see what it inspires me to create.

Just in case anyone doesnt know, my favorite scrapbook store/message board is going out of business. So sad to see DML close its doors.

Check out some of the fabulous sale prices as Jill reduces inventory. I'm going to hold out hope that the message board stays even if the store goes away.


Suzelle said...

Can't wait too see bathroom pics Susnan :)

Michelle Jo Klomp said...

The kit looks great, have fun creating :-)

Michelle K

Steph said...

You are going to love Scrapologie's kits!!!! I've been a member since the very beginning and I am always totally inspired by Ranjini's kits!

Reen said...

Congrats on the bathroom :)
LOVE the kit!

maria said...

I love that kit! I've added myself on their waiting list too! :)
I LOVE your new banner! Gorgeous!