Tuesday, December 19, 2006

twas the week before Christmas...

and i am bustling around, no time to enjoy the festivities and holly jolli-ness of the season. However I am determined to get all merry and bright starting this Friday. Once Friday comes I am on holiday until January 2nd. And I am so ready. ready to finish decorating, ready to do some holiday baking, ready to take some pictures, ready to just be home, ready to enjoy the season. e
i am so happy that this weekend is not overbooked and Paul and I have a few days before Christmas to actually start enjoying it. I plan to enjoy time with him and do the things that are important to me. We are planning a date night this Saturday. A simple dinner out, a trip to starbucks for cocoa or coffee, bundle up in coats, mittens and scarves and go out and enjoy the lights. There’s a park nearby that decorates the entire 5-mile drive inside the park. For a small fee you drive through the park and they have fabulous displays set up. There’s also a neighborhood close by called candy cane lane. Every home decorates to the hilt. I’m really looking forward to it. might even take the dogs with us for a ride. Elliott has a really cute doggy sweater he'd just dying to try out. :-)

Every Christmas comes and goes, and we plan to do something festive and fun, and then it usually just doesn't happen. I end up feeling let down and depressed on Christmas evening... The day after christmas I usually just want to put the decorations away and move on to spring. This year it will not happen. I want to experiene it, not just get through it. If life passes you by and you don't consciously do the things you really want to do, you won’t have a second chance. This year I’m not going to let it rush by so quickly and be over without me taking some time to do all the fun little things. Granted, starting on Friday when Christmas is on Monday isnt a huge start, but it’s a start.


Suzelle said...

Good for you Susan.....enjoy and take in every second !!! You have the right attitude..great place to start !!!

Reen said...

I'm so happy for you that you'll get a little time off from work! Enjoy the season....every little bit of it!

We're taking in a movie on Friday with the boys :) one of my favorite things to do at Christmas time. Going to see Charlott's web. I also want to see Nativity.

I think making time to be with the ones you love is the best part of the holiday. Enjoy your special date night!! Sounds so fun!

Melodee said...

Your snowmen are so cute!
Hope you had a wonderful Christmas!

maria said...

Hi Susan! Hope you had an AMAZING Christmas! :)