Tuesday, January 09, 2007

I bet you thought...

I was never coming back huh?
Well, I've not been posting much, and Im not pushing myself to do it either...
I kinda feel like there's no sense posting unless you have pictures to share too. And sadly I havent done much picture taking lately. I also havent been scrapbooking much lately either.
I did just finish an entry for Cori's circle Journal.
That was fun.
I love this circle journal thing.
It forces me to think about things that I wouldnt normaly.
Like Cori's. Her's was home. Could be your current home, or it could be the home of your heart.
I had to really stop and think about that one.
Is my current home the home of my heart?
Does it feel like home or do I wish home were somewhere else?
Maybe I'll share my pages later. In the meantime they are posted over on www.downmemorylaneco.com

Im hoping to get back to scrapping and photo taking soon.
Now that christmas is behind us.
Speaking of which, I ordered myself another christmas present this week :)
A new lens for my camera.
I may keep buying myself christmas presents til August. Then its time to buy some Birthday presents.
more later....including pictures.


maria said...

I was wondering what you've been up to! Miss ya! I love your idea of keep buying yourself x-mas presents until August! Love it! I might just have to do that also! LOL.

Reen said...

Hey, who says you have to stop in August? :) Love that idea! I think I need a x-mas present too...going shopping today!


Anonymous said...

I love your new picture at the top! And, I love your idea of buying yourself Christmas and Birthday presents!!! Hahahahahaa!!!