Friday, January 26, 2007

starting out the weekend right

Its Friday afternoon and I had to rush home from work to be here so the guy from the carpet place could come measure. I got home at 1 and he was suppose to be here at 2. I look around my house and its a total disaster. So I spring into action and sweep and vacum the entire house....yes, he was only coming to measure the family room, but the entire house must be vacumed. oh, and the kitchen floor needed to be mopped too. and then all the dust really stood out, cant have that. and there were a few loads of laundry to be done so I got those going.

By the time he got here at 2 I was exhausted. He was here all of 10 minutes.

But at least my house is clean for the weekend.

And then I realized I hadnt stopped for lunch.

Dug around in the cabinet and found this.........

I love Life cereal. I hadnt had it in years!!! picked up this box last weekend and forgot all about it. It was as good as I remembered. Life cereal is a wonderful thing.
This is gonna be a good weekend : )


maria said...

Totally loving your new banner! And the Life picture. Awesome shot!

Suzelle said...

LOVE starting the weekend out with a clean house !!!!

Life cereal....YUM !!!!