Tuesday, January 30, 2007

this is January?

Sunday afternoon was just too pretty to stay indoors, so we hopped in the car, not knowing where we would end up, and headed toward Mt Rainer.

Where we ended up was about 10 miles from home at a place called Northwest Trek. Its kind of a zoo, but kind of a wildlife refuge. In other words most of the animals are just loose in the park to roam where they want. The people are in cages :) or in the tram that drives you around.

took lots of pictures of the animals and walked A LOT. It was cold but sunny and felt so good to be outside.

Fun enjoyable day...love spending time outside. Having lots of willing subjects letting me take their pictures was fun too


maria said...

Gorgeous, gorgeous pictures! They make me want to be out there! Wow. Thanks so much for sharing! How have you been Susan? Is the board back up? I've been busy this month and away recently and realized I haven't been to the board in a while. I have a new CJ entry from our CJ to share soon...I just need to get back to the normalcy of life.

Suzelle said...

Oh man Susan....this is amazing !!! Beautiful place and terrific pictures !!