Monday, February 26, 2007

happy birthday .......

to Ethan...happy birthday to you * smooooooch!

Party will be next week, but he's officially 2 years old
he's dancing to a singing christmas card here and not a birthday card.
I love to watch little kids dance :)

Friday, February 16, 2007

It's been a tough week...

I lost a really good friend this week.
Im not sure who's taking it harder, me or Mochi....
I had printed out a long beautiful Pet Poem for this post, but found it just too sad.
Elliott was such a happy, loving dog, that I didnt want to remember him with a sad post.
Just suffice to say that I miss him much more than I thought I would. No amount of preparation helps. You just have to push yourself through it every day.... for Mochi, medication is all thats helping him at this point

Monday, February 12, 2007

a few new favorite pics

Babysitting Ethan means I get to take pictures!
Love spending time with my favorite little guy, so we're always happy to watch him.
It also means I get to pull out the camera and snap to my hearts content. He's a real ham when it comes to the camera.
Here's a few pics (out of the 90) that I took on Saturday

Sunday, February 04, 2007

Cyber croppin'

with my friends at
It seems that most of us have been kind of in a scrapping funk since the holidays.
so glad Im not the only one that was feeling that way.
our craftiness is just worn out.
All the decorating, cooking, shopping from the holidays did me in.
Thats my guess anyway.
For what ever the reason, my scrap mojo was gone

So this past weekend we cleared our calendars and set aside time to devote to scrapping.
Bonus that what you also get is time with your friends, even if they do live in another state.
I'll admitt, it was hard to get started on that first page.
It took the longest.
But once I got it got going it really felt good to be creative again.
Elizabeth and I went over to Jills house- this was key to my success.
Forcing me stay off the computer and just scrapbook.
No housework, no chores, nothing getting in the way.
I could do to avoid it or put it off.
Lots of laughing going on for sure, and more than a few M&M's were consumed but it was for a good cause and oh so worth it!
The sad part was that we (E, Jill and I) were the only three here in Washington.
Everyone else is spread across the US which is so sad. But we all joined in online and had fun.
Hopfully one day we'll actually all meet and scrap together IRL.
Hopefully we'll cyber crop again in the meantime.
It was a blast.
Felt so good to scrap again!