Monday, February 12, 2007

a few new favorite pics

Babysitting Ethan means I get to take pictures!
Love spending time with my favorite little guy, so we're always happy to watch him.
It also means I get to pull out the camera and snap to my hearts content. He's a real ham when it comes to the camera.
Here's a few pics (out of the 90) that I took on Saturday


Suz said...

Could those be any sweeter Susan !!!!! SO CUTE :)

Melodee said...

ohhh I adore the last much emotion in that photo....makes ME want to scrap even...wonderful shots Susan...get better...hope you don't end up with pink eye...I was reading your post on the morning thread...:(


Reen said...

I LOVE the last one!! They are all so sweet, but the last one is my fave....such a sweet smile on his face as he's hugging you. Darling photos Susan. Feel better soon!

Sue said...

OOoooh! You've got to frame that last one, Susan!!!!!!!!!

Mo said...

Oh, Susan!!!!! Those photos are absolutely adorable. he ahs the best cheeks in thw world. LOve his little hairdo too....soo CUTE!!!! Mo

Mo said...

Wow! Was that even English I typed there...sorry. :( Mo