Monday, March 26, 2007

do you always cry at weddings?

I sure do.
They're just so beautiful.

I love the pretty dresses, the vows, the candles, flowers, and the speeches. Hearing my brother toast his daughter and her new husband. Telling stories of ballet lessons, skinned knees and holding her when she had a bad dream. Giving bits of advice to them for a happy marriage.

The bride picked a beautiful outdoor location that was planted with tulips and azaleas. Too bad the azaleas weren't blooming because that backdrop would have been spectacular.
The day before it poured rain nonstop. The morning of the wedding the clouds parted and the sun came out. It was a beautiful spring day. Perfect planning.

I took a ton of pics, and tried my best to stay out of the way of the photographer.a few of my favorites from the day...

Seeing my Dad dancing with his granddaughter on her wedding day made me cry...

My brother and sister in law...
More than anything else, just spending time with family and friends... Funny story at the reception~ the DJ brought the longest married couple up to the front (my parents with 54 years). The unsuspecting DJ asked my Mother to give the bride advice on a happy which my Mother in all her bluntness said - Don't take any crap off him....
And then he asked my Dad to give the groom advice to which he replied in infinite wisdom~ always let her think she's right :) Yep, that's my parents...ha!!

Cant wait to hear the advice my Mom gives my daughter :)
So I know without a doubt that when the day comes that Jennifer gets married...(and hopefully someday she will) I hope my parents are there to dance with her on her wedding day and give her advice, 'cause I already know I'm going to be a teary mess.

Friday, March 16, 2007

a catch up post

Its been awhile since I posted anything. Today I actually have some time so this is sort of a catch up of the past few weeks.
I took today off and it was suppose to rain today, but the sun is shinning and its so warm. What a nice surprise. It actually feels summery almost. I really should be out pulling some weeds, but I've been working all together too hard so today I got a good book and sat on the sofa in the sun reading all morning. So relaxing. My reason for taking today off is new carpeting being installed. This is the first of many rooms.
Do you know how much work it is to install carpet? You basically need to move out of your house! You need to empty the room completely. What a chore. So we started with just the downstairs family room. It was in the worst shape so we started there. Next in line is the upstairs, which means the bedrooms, my scraproom and the treadmill. All have to be moved. Not looking forward to that one. Anyway, good thing it didn't rain today because had it been raining I doubt the guy would have been able to do this...
We picked out a textured carpet for the family room which I was a little nervous about. Its got a loop center to the square and a cut pile to make it soft and squishy. We put down the most super duper pad they had and I swear its softer than anything I've ever walked on. I'm happy with it.
We picked a little bit darker color tan that we had before. Something to hide the dirt a little better. The dog tracks in so much! drives me nuts by why fight it? The color is carved oak. A warm light brown. Hard to capture in the pictures. It looks so much darker than it does IRL The picture taken of it on the driveway is much more true to the actual color.
And while the installer was here I looked out my kitchen slider and I had a visitor. I think its a Pigeon. Shes totally tame and let me walk right up and hand her a piece of bread crust. She must belong to someone because she has ankle bracelets on both her legs...she's been there for hours now. I wonder if she's going to leave....'cause now she's pooping all over the deck!

One more quick picture to share....I received a pottery barn email the other day. I think it was titled the Natural home or something of the sort. It had the most beautiful glass tureen with a lid, filled with moss and robins eggs. Such a pretty spring centerpiece and just what I love. Something natural looking...but no way was I going to pay the price. Over $50.00 for the tureen, another $20 for the river rocks and moss then whatever robins eggs cost...
So I dug out my $4.99 compote dish from TJ Maxx, added some polished stones and moss and some fake robins eggs from a .99 floral pick from Michaels. I also had this little wooden duck I got at Michaels for $4.99 . I love the look.

Tuesday, March 06, 2007

Rainforest Cafe

Birthday party for Ethan was celebrated at the Rainforest Cafe again this year...and again this year I struggle to get one decent photo. This place is like shooting in a cave with headlights backlighting your subject. Could not be more difficult for someone with my limited photo skills. Should have really used a tripod, but had to hand hold the camera. Lots of blur with a 2 year old on the move...
One of the gifts we got for Ethan was a Bob the Builder Cell phone...I think he likes it...

Make a wish and blow out the candles :)

They brought him a drink that has a blinking light on the bottom of it...flashes all different colors. the look on his face when they brought it to the table was adorable.

taking a sip

and another ...
and another...
One of the big fish tanks

Just love how I caught Jaryn at the other end of the table in this one through all the people

Im hoping next birthday she picks someplace with better lighting :)