Saturday, April 21, 2007

The spring fair

The spring fair was happening this past weekend, and we were hoping that Ethan would be old enough to ride on a few of the little kiddy rides. For the most part he did ok... He wanted to sit on them, but he he didnt want to ride on them once they started to move....They had to stop one ride because it was going a little too fast for him and he was afraid.

But there were two rides that were okay for him...On this one Paul got to squeeze into the bucket with him. I was laughing so hard because Paul is not a little guy. His 6'4" legs were cramed into this seat! So funny to see him wedge himself in and out of that bucket!

And Jaryn got to ride in the dump truck...three times! It was by far his all time favorite. Not sure if that was because he had the security of Mommy being with him, or if it was because the dump truck stayed firmly on the ground. But either way he squeeled with laughter each time he came back around and spotted us. It was so cute to see him so excited

This is the ride he had to be taken off off. I hate to ride backwards on rides I dont blame him one bit.

One thing we really wanted to do but missed was to see Dora the Explorer. He would have loved seeing her, but her show was only there early in the morning and later in the afternoon. After all the excitement of the rides and hot dog and a scone, he was ready to go home and take a nap.
The fair is a family tradition in our household and we were so excited to be able to take Ethan this year. I think he was right on the edge of being just a little bit too young, but there's always the big fair in the fall to look forward too.
This smaller spring fair was probably just the perfect size for Ethan though.

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Mo said...

Oh Goodness!!! He is too adorable for words!!! LOVE LOVE his hair!!!!! :D