Thursday, April 12, 2007

you know summer is getting close when...

you start seeing season finales of your favorite TV shows.
I was surprised to find that last night was the season finale to my FAVORITE show (one that's not a reality show that is) Friday Night Lights

If your not watching this show, I think your missing out on some really good TV... Really.

The writers of this show have done a phenomenal job with it.
This show makes me laugh and cry in almost every episode.
Now there's the mark of a great show in my opinion.
You can watch this show as a family. It's real life and real life stuff happens in it.
The characters are real, and believable.

This show is funny, sexy and edgy, and surprisingly the writers have been able to incorporate a few christen values into the story line. Its as common to see the kids pray in school in this show as it is to see them at a kegger.

Maybe thats the way it is in Texas, I dont know. Its not that way it is around here.

The basic story line follows closely to the movie by the same name (I'm told) and many of the actors from the movie are also in the TV show.
I think it was touch and go for awhile if this show was going to get picked up for next season. I was really really hoping that it would. Dont ya just hate it when a really good show doesnt get the recognition that it deserves. More than one TV show that I've really liked has gotten canceled before its second season.

But, I was happy to see on their website today that they have been picked up for a second season...yeaaaaa
If you want to catch up during the summer months, you can watch all the episodes online.
The actors were chatting in the blog after the show last night...check it an episode or two

That way when the season starts up in the fall you'll be up to speed.

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