Monday, June 25, 2007

are you looking at me?

how do you know if birds are looking at you?
Since their eyes are on the side...are they looking at you when they're like this?

or when they charge at you like this?

or then they fly over and try to poop on you...............
you missed me, you missed me...............neiner neiner

Saturday, June 23, 2007

Promise you a rose garden...

Usually this place is holding a wedding on a sunny Saturday afternoon. We were lucky to arrive between weddings I think...chairs were set up, but no guests yet.

snapped a few pictures of the pretty flowers...the smell was heavenly.
A few of my favorites

We left just in time. As we were leaving, the guests were arriving :)

He stopped and looked behind him for the misses ...

she was bringing up the rear

Monday, June 18, 2007

a video share today

just a cute little video to share today... hope it makes you smile

your hating me about now arent you?
gonna have this song stuck in your head now, arent you?

Saturday, June 09, 2007

green thumb?

Not even close...more like maybe a lovely shade of yellow. Not quite green, not really brown.
I try.
Always start out the spring like gangbusters, then by August I'm tired of watering and soon its all dead.
I also try to grow a few veges every year.

So far this year I have a tomato, zucchini and a few pumpkin plants going in the garden with lots of seedlings waiting for just the right weather and the time, before I put them out.
I planted my deck pots about a month ago and so far I'm really pleased with how well they're doing.... Wait 'til August. Hopefully I can keep them alive :)

And my fuchsia is in full bloom...

Today the weather man called for rain, good for the plants, but bad for my peonies...I quickly cut this bunch before the rain beat them down...

They smell heavenly!
This is why I try and try again every year.

Monday, June 04, 2007

See this

tennis ball?
It was Elliott's favorite.
You can probably tell that right away.
When we adopted him his old owner brought this ball, his leash and his dinner dish.
His three most important possessions
I couldnt part with any of those three things when we lost Elliott.
I still keep a basket full of his tennis balls in the corner of the living room.
Here's the weird thing...
I keep finding this tennis ball all over the house.
One day it will be in the living room, a week later I find it under the dining room table.
I'm pretty sure Pauls moving it around... I think
I dont really care if he is or not, but it makes me smile every time it shows up somewhere when I least expect it.