Wednesday, July 25, 2007

and Black sandy beaches....

Sunsets and black sandy beaches.
Mind you, they take their black sand very seriously in Hawaii.
Its only found on a few beaches and they expect that eventually most of it will disappear.
(I think if you click on the pictures a larger version will come up)

Its a pretty small beach, but I've never seen anything more beautiful

It sparkles, and looks like its wet, but its not. Its like having a handful of tiny black diamonds.

I loved all the tidepools at this beach

Can you see which rock in the following picture is not really a rock? Its a giant green sea turtle. Right in the middle of the picture-taking a nap:)

If you don't see them on this beach, your not looking very hard.
They are everywhere.
They're not afraid of people because their protected. You have to stay at least 5 feet away from them at all'd be amazed at how many people ignore that and run up to them on the beach. Drove me nuts..I was constantly telling people to step back

This guy was taking a nap in the sun and refused to smile for the camera

Such sweet gentle creatures. I've never seen so many of them as we saw on the big island.


Suzelle said...

GORGEOUS !!!!!!!!!!!!! Really amazing pix Susan. I think turtles are one of theeeee coolest animals !!!!

e said...

that black sand is wild! and i love those turtles.

janet said...

The turtle pictures are so wonderful!!! All the pics are wonderful!

Anonymous said...

Lovely photos. Beautiful sand and who doesn't like a sea turtle? (-: