Tuesday, July 24, 2007


and I'm trying to shake the cobwebs out of my brain :)

I love going on vacation.
I hate coming home from one.

I feel like I've slipped into a time warp.
I guess thats a sign of a good vacation.
Left all my cares behind and just r-e-l-a-x-e-d........... easy to do in Hawaii

and exactly the point of the whole thing.

Well, I can tell that I did well because I feel like I cant remember what Im suppose to do next now that Im home.
But its all good. I feel rested and rejuvinated.
My laundry is done as is my grocery shopping. That always makes me feel happy.
Also glad I took the time to scrub my house from top to bottom so it was heavenly clean when I came home. always a good feeling.

I have downloaded my pictures. . . somewhere around 700 of them.

tossed out a few bad ones, tossed out more than a few duplicates. After all, how many sunset pictures do you need, really? even if each one is taken an entire 2 minutes after the prior one?
see what I mean? I was there for 10 days...I must have taken 60 photos of just sunrises and sunsets :) almost always from this same spot at our hotel and just looking at them makes me feel rested again. Digital photography makes it so easy to take pictures. If this had been film, I know I probably wouldnt have 700+ pictures...
I will be sharing more pics another day because after all, I have lots of them :) oh goody huh?
but CHA happened while I was away. I kept away from all sneak peeks before I left but today I saw a little at the new Scenic Route
OH MY ...the chipboard circles, the lables and the rubons are calling my name!!! -How cool are these chipboard circles?and these rub ons???and labels...I love labels!!!!!!hoping to find these babies soon!!! after all, I have lots of pictures to scrap now


Suzelle said...

Susan...these are BREATHTAKING !!!!!!!!

Love the peek in what's to come from CHA :)

Maria said...

OMG Susan...these pictures are truly BREATH TAKING! What a fabulous vacation! Wow...I wouldn't want to come back to reality after this! :)
I have a lot to catch up on blogs and message boards (insert really blushing face here) and I've been meaning to e-mail you to ask you about our CJ...never got mine back yet, but then I was wondering maybe there are news up on the board which I haven't yet checked yet (red, red face again.) Did you get yours back?

JENNY B said...

fab pics susan---- can't wait to see more!!!!

Jill said...

ohhhhh, can I just book a flight and be on my way back to Hawaii tomorrow???????? beautiful pictures!!!! so glad you had such a great vacation. So sorry you had to come back and return to normal life (although we reallllly missed you at dml) I can't wait to see more!!!! Welcome Home!

PS. SR will be at a store near you in the near future :)