Sunday, July 08, 2007

micro sprinklers

Yesterday my brother and nephew helped Paul set up this automatic drip watering system for my deck pots and vegetable garden. They added a timer so it comes on twice a day for 30 minutes.
From the outside of the deck the tubes going to each planter looks like this

from the deck, the little drip nozzel looks like this

here's what the nozzle looks like
there's one of these little nozzles in each and every pot, including the hanging can see the little tube running into the basket, but I dont mind as long as I dont have to water them everyday.

this is the little vegetable garden. I think you can see the three black little sprinker spikes misting the zucchini plants...pretty awesome
Best of all, my garden will still be blooming and growing when we get home from vacation, probably happier than its ever been because of the regular watering schedule.


Denise Gormish said...

Susan, love it? What the name of the sprinkler system?

I have little green tomatoes on my plants now - so exciting - and I've already picked green brean twice. LOVE fresh veggies!

Jill said...

That drip system looks awesome. I especially love the vegetable mister. We actually planed two tomato plants AND a pepper plant this year (gotta start slow) this might be an idea for next year if we decide to expand our harvest!

That's a great idea - Thanks for the pictures!