Monday, July 09, 2007

a sentimental purchase

mtoday I had a little extra time so I wondered around one of the many antique stores in our downtown area. Some people call them thrift stores, some people call them antique stores. We have both in town. Thrift stores are usually just newer junk than found in antique stores I guess.
I went looking for floral frogs. Don't know why I have such an affection for those things, but I love them. anyway I found this hot pad as I was wondering around. It brought back so many fond memories of my grandmothers kitchen when I saw it.

Grandma made these hot pads all the time when I was a kid. Coke bottle caps covered with cotton crocheted circles, stitched together. I use to love to play with them. The bottle caps used in this one have cork on the insides. Later bottle caps have a rubberish material inside.

After putting it back and wondering around the store I kept thinking about it. After awhile I just had to go back and get it. Its not in the best shape, the white circles are more tan than white.
Im not sure what the "going rate" for these old things is, but I paid $6 for it and the memories that it brings back each time I look at it are worth many times that amount. A bargain for sure.


E said...

i've been itching to go thrifting/antiquing - where are these stores located? Puyallup?

Linda Albrecht said...

Oh, I remember those too, Susan!! Yours looks like it is in great condition--wow. I remember my grandma's being a little marred up from the pots of food--lol. Linda