Sunday, August 26, 2007

A mini pet book and a cool find

I just finished this little mini book. I've been working on it for awhile and I used the KI Memories pet shop line, perfect for a project like this.

The book is about the three dogs Paul and I have had, from our first one Skoshi, to Mochi and then finally Elliott.

and then yesterday Paul and I stopped by a local plant nursery. We thought they were having an end of the season sale, but it turned out they were closing part of the nursery for good. They had several display things that they were selling off really cheap, like seed packet holders and various spinner racks. I was able to find two for $1.00 each that I put to good use in my scraproom. I love finding stuff like this...

I had all this stuff shoved in a basket. Now its right in front of me at all times....maybe I'll start using it now that I can see it.

This one is perfect for holding my MM Paints and things

Friday, August 17, 2007

laundry anyone?

After three days of hard work, my dreary laundry room is now somewhat more inviting.
These were the last white walls in the house and white walls are like a blank canvas to me...something had to be done about it.
So a week of vacation spent in the laundry room and in the end I can say that I'm happy with the result, but I had my doubts. This bright red was a huge leap, even for me who is not afraid of putting color on any wall...but in such a small room I was afraid it would look like a dark cave.

The before pictures were taken after I'd already given the cabinets the first coat of white primer. They were a dark dreary brown, you can see the color of the window sill and the mop boards....typical 70's

and the after ..................

Since this leads into the garage, I hung up a coat rack near the door. I found this chrome basket at Lowe's too. I got a few for the cabinets to hold little things, and another one for here on the coat rack, for gloves and hats.

Replaced the ugly hardware with brushed nickle........

One last thing...
I found these paper towels a few weeks ago and in honor of my blog title, I bought 3 rolls of remind myself of my new years resolution, even while doing laundry

I'll probably hang a few pictures and maybe a valance for the window.
I'm thinking black and white toile might be fun

Monday, August 13, 2007

tying the knot

My niece Meaghan bought her wedding dress three years ago.

The classic Barbie wedding dress .... she bought it long before Phillip proposed. She just knew this was the dress of her dreams, and someday she knew that she would wear it.

In her dreams, her wedding was at night, outside in a garden and the wedding party would be dressed in black and red.

Last weekend that dream came true for Meaghan and it turned out beautiful.
Here are a few of my favorite pictures from the day.

The dress still fit even (but just barely)

I caught her taking a bite of a sandwhich

among the bridesmaids were her three sisters

Her Mom and Dad walked her down the isle
To make that dream come true took quite an effort but I think every part of the dream came true. The wedding was held in her parents back yard. My brother and SIL have been working all summer to get the yard ready for this event. They live on 5 acres so its been no small feat to get it wedding condition perfect. They even built a dance floor and strung white lights from the house, across the yard to the tall trees. They built a white picket fence and arbor, and planted it with red climbing roses at the edge of where what will become their fruit orchard.

I think they were all very tired and very relieved as he and Oona walked Meaghan down the isle that they had worked so hard on. And it was perfect in every way.
One of Phillips friends wrote a song for them and played the guitar during the ceremony.
They have so many friends they couldn't narrow down the wedding party, so everyone was part of it!

I think Meaghan's dream came true, exactly as she had planned it her whole life.
A new favorite picture of mine is one of me with my Dad. I think this is the only one I have, so I was thrilled that Paul picked up the camera and took this.

I think everyone was most impressed that they'd thought of just about everything to make the day special, including having a royal port-a-potty brought in. I have to say it was the nicest port-a potty I've ever seen in my life. Men's and women's sides, pictures hanging on the walls, rugs on the floor, mints on the vanity. What a great idea....
unfortunately Paul still had the camera as I was just coming out of it...not one of my favorite shots LOL

Friday, August 10, 2007

Knock Knock...

who's there?


Spell Who?


loved that joke since I was a kid.
One of my favorites.
That means its one of the only ones I can remember.
I can never remember jokes, except two.
And you've just heard one of them.
I'll save the other one for another day.
I was trying to think of something to post, and a knock knock joke is always good to fill in those quiet awkward moments don't ya think?

In other news...
Paul and I are "considering" getting a dog again.
Yes, we are timdly dipping our toe in the water...its a little scary and we're not really sure we want to go there yet.
Besides trying to decide if its fair to a dog to be left at home all day long while we're at work, we're doing some research on what kind a dog would be a good fit for us.
We've always had Lhasa Apso's and we've loved them. But we've always had at least two of them so they always have a companion. I dont want two dogs again. Its just tooooo much.

Growing up as a kid we always had Labs
My parents still have a lab.
I love them, but I dont love having a big dog.
I like a little lap dog, something to sit on my lap while I watch tv.
Something that can ride in the car without taking up the whole car.

This is my brothers dog, Brighty.
She's a scottish terrier and the sweetest little thing in the world.
I think I'd love to have a scotty dog.... look at that lonnnnng nose :-)

Look....she does tricks!!!!
I love the way her butt sits flat on the ground :-)
She rolls over too.