Friday, August 10, 2007

Knock Knock...

who's there?


Spell Who?


loved that joke since I was a kid.
One of my favorites.
That means its one of the only ones I can remember.
I can never remember jokes, except two.
And you've just heard one of them.
I'll save the other one for another day.
I was trying to think of something to post, and a knock knock joke is always good to fill in those quiet awkward moments don't ya think?

In other news...
Paul and I are "considering" getting a dog again.
Yes, we are timdly dipping our toe in the water...its a little scary and we're not really sure we want to go there yet.
Besides trying to decide if its fair to a dog to be left at home all day long while we're at work, we're doing some research on what kind a dog would be a good fit for us.
We've always had Lhasa Apso's and we've loved them. But we've always had at least two of them so they always have a companion. I dont want two dogs again. Its just tooooo much.

Growing up as a kid we always had Labs
My parents still have a lab.
I love them, but I dont love having a big dog.
I like a little lap dog, something to sit on my lap while I watch tv.
Something that can ride in the car without taking up the whole car.

This is my brothers dog, Brighty.
She's a scottish terrier and the sweetest little thing in the world.
I think I'd love to have a scotty dog.... look at that lonnnnng nose :-)

Look....she does tricks!!!!
I love the way her butt sits flat on the ground :-)
She rolls over too.


Suzelle said...

That dog is the CUTEST doggie !!!!!!

Love the knock knock joke. Need to that one to my kids ;)

Sue Thomas said...

Ooooh! He's such a sweetie, Susan! My heart melts just looking at the photos! You and Paul will know when you find the right one (and I bet that it happens soon)!