Sunday, August 26, 2007

A mini pet book and a cool find

I just finished this little mini book. I've been working on it for awhile and I used the KI Memories pet shop line, perfect for a project like this.

The book is about the three dogs Paul and I have had, from our first one Skoshi, to Mochi and then finally Elliott.

and then yesterday Paul and I stopped by a local plant nursery. We thought they were having an end of the season sale, but it turned out they were closing part of the nursery for good. They had several display things that they were selling off really cheap, like seed packet holders and various spinner racks. I was able to find two for $1.00 each that I put to good use in my scraproom. I love finding stuff like this...

I had all this stuff shoved in a basket. Now its right in front of me at all times....maybe I'll start using it now that I can see it.

This one is perfect for holding my MM Paints and things


Reen said...

That is the cutest little pet book! I just love it Susan! I'm guessing it was incredibly healing and sweet to work on that project. What a great idea!

Those little organizer bins! What a great find!! Make me want to organize my space :) TFS,

Suzelle said...

That book is just too precious for words :)

That embellie holder....LOVE it !!!!!

Jill said...

Love your mini pet book, Susan. what a nice tribute to those special pets that were such an important part of the family. Hugs to you!!!

PS - love the holders. I bet you will find that you use those embellishments more! Great Find!

Sue Thomas said...

Love your mini book, Susan! And what great organizational finds!!!!

Just Me Again said...

I absolutely LOVE that mini book. The CUTEST thing ever! I hope you had a wonderful birthday last Friday!!! :)

Mo said...

Susan!!! You scored big time with those display cases. They look great!!! I really love them!

And, your mini book is precious. What a great way to honor your sweet little Elliot. :)